The TIME MODE advertising campaign in spring

Already for the third time, this spring the TIME MODE brand brochures will be distributed. These are individually designed watch and jewelry brochures tailored to the jeweler and his brands. The pressure and the design are organized by TIME MODE. The distribution in the local area or the scattering in the environment or the supplement in the local weekly newspaper is taken over by the jeweler.

The individual brand brochures from the jeweler and the corresponding national advertising campaign consisting of numerous buckets in the most important Austrian magazines such as – SERVUS, WOMAN, TV MEDIA, MADONNA – form the perfect symbiosis for a good publicity of pretty watches and jewelry in spring.

All in all, the brochures together with the magazine advertisements produce a circulation of 3.5 million – an incredible number. The brands Julie Julsen, Les Georgettes, Engelsrufer, Seven-24, Lotus, Police, and Candino are advertised.

If you also want to distribute leaflets, please contact the field service team until 28.02.2018

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