Here are the Julie Julsen watches

Expansion: In addition to Julie Julsen Petite and Julie Julsen Dancing Stones, the first watch collection by Julie Julsen will be presented this year. Premiere will be at Inhorgenta in Munich in February 2018.

As a successful addition to the Julie Julsen jewelry, which has already firmly established itself, this spring the company Time Mode brings out a small, fine watch collection, which includes only eleven models in the attractive price range from € 59 to 89. In addition to simple, feminine models with the Milanese band currently in demand, the models with floral print and leather bands in delicate pastel colors bring spring fever into the shop windows and, of course, perfectly match the Julie Julsen jewelry. Premiere will be at Inhorgenta in Munich in February 2018.

While Julie Julsen’s start was dominated by the Tree of Life theme, due to the strong demand, the collection was soon supplemented by delicate leaves and flowers. With the „Petite Collection“ the wishes for trendy, delicate jewelry were met meticulously. Of course, the „tree of life“ is still the trademark of the collection.

The new Dancing Stone collection caused quite a stir last spring. „This is different from traditional jewelry pieces. The centerpiece of the stone moves with its wearer thanks to a special frame. This allows the jeweler to score points with its customers with a strong selling point, „said Julie Julsen-Mastermind and Time Mode CEO Rudi Moser on the occasion of the presentation in 2017. To make sure that this effect is also reflected in the shop window, Time Mode has a special mobile display developed.

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